Broken Space

My first comic, Broken Space, is a sprawling science-fantasy adventure running about 400 pages, full of aliens, magic, and insanity. A revolutionary-turned-doctor, distraught to see his society returning to its old patterns of oppression and stagnation, travels to a distant world to start again, but gets tangled up in the plots of ice-magic secret agents, immortality-seeking magician-scientists, and antitechnological fanatics manipulated by a myth-plague that threatens to drive all of civilization mad.

Mad Science in the World of Darkness!

A role-playing game of weird and savage science, Genius: The Transgression is compatible with the new World of Darkness and uses its Storytelling system, but is comprehensible to anyone familiar with the conventions of tabletop RPGs. Build oblivion rays and flesh-stitched simulacra! Face off against the insane echo doctors or the scheming remnants of time-wracked Lemuria! Travel into parasitic pocket dimensions or to the very end of reality itself, where the Cold Ones wait to steal the heat and information from a younger universe!


Future Comics

The Water Phoenix King isn’t my only comic idea. I have at least a half-dozen stories in various stages of completion. But since I can’t draw more than one comic at a time, I’m always looking for artists interested in a collaborative effort. Here are some ideas:

When Fenglock Horquenblapst–hapless would-be secretary–gets a mouthful of mad magic on her first trip to Detroit, her subsequent flight sets off a power struggle among Nazi fish-wizards and malicious gangster heads for control of the Motor City’s ragged and unemployed supernatural population. In a dangerous world of downsized pantheons, Fenglock and her friends must navigate the treacherous currents of old celestial bureaucracies and dig up the conspiracy of silence surrounding the aborted return of Excalibur a half-century ago during the height of the Blitz. Eleven 22-page issues. One issue already written in full.

In this diesel-age flying ace adventure, ruthless corporate interests controlled by ambitious families with dreams of mechanized war have taken over the once-great city of Actorius. But when the son of one of the city’s greatest industrialists finds a prototype aeroplane, he strikes out against the moneyed and the powerful, triggering political upheaval as his aerobatic missions liberate political prisoners, overthrow medical experimentation facilities, and return hope to the downtrodden. Striking from hidden underground train lines, the growing resistance movement seeks to overthrow the industrial families before they can drag Actorius into a world-spanning war in the skies. Single graphic novel, 400-500 pages.

Bio-sorcerers, organic technology, and living gods: Arumo is a fantasy world of living machinery and slippery political machinations, where a death-toppling, life-giving water spirit has accidentally been bound to a vat-grown odalisque. Realizing that death might eat the whole world if the destined hero does not receive this spirit, a bandit-turned-hierophant prepares to take the hero and the vat-grown girl to a great temple where this error can be rectified. But following them is a demon convinced that capturing the girl will prevent his slow dissolution, a warlord forging an empire from the weak remnants of younger kingdoms, and all the armies of death and the saltwater hells, come to stop the creation of the spirit-hero who could destroy them. Three graphic novels–The Unlit Sea, Inmaleion, and The Ur-King of Shan–each 300-400 pages.


Sound like fun? I think so! If you’re interested in drawing for any of these ideas, send me an email at and we’ll talk.