The Water Phoenix King Banner Ad

First, an exchange banner for The Water Phoenix King. Please plaster it everywhere: your website, your office, the handicapped stall at the local Dairy Queen, and so on. Just right-click to save the picture on your computer.

Broken Space

My first webcomic, a science-fantasy adventure. Follow the journeys of a former revolutionary who finds his earlier adventures following him to the farthest corners of known space.

And now for the best comics around!

A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible. Exquisitely strange; the sort of thing I wish I could write, but my brain is too plodding and literal. Currently “on hiatus,” but it stands on its own.

Sci-ence. A comic about science and skepticism. The combination of intelligent post-comic commentary and incredible art (seriously, the art is way better than it needs to be) means Sci-ence is a bit like Penny Arcade for science buffs: a webcomic attached to a larger (and often more intriguing) “idea clearinghouse.”

Happle Tea. Why isn’t everyone reading this comic? It’s got mythology and good punchlines! What more do you people want?

Mockman Press. Incredible black-and-white comic versions of H.P. Lovecraft stories, including “The White Ship” and “The Doom That Came to Sarnath.”

Girls with Slingshots. I think this comic is the polar opposite of what The Water Phoenix King is trying to do (except, weirdly, the main characters look like the same people drawn in different styles). GWS is a frequently-hilarious, always-intriguing slice-of-life webcomic.

The Nerds of Paradise. More from the Lesson is Learned creator. “She’s idling in pre-existence. Don’t push her over 45 symbolic orders this time.”

Ectopiary. A girl in a…”haunted?”…house? I don’t know how to describe Ectopiary, except to say it’s beautifully drawn and manifests the same irresistible lure of old Gothic novels or the works of some of Lovecraft’s predecessors, like Machen. Haunting and strange.

Delilah Dirk. The best swashbuckling adventure yarn on this or any other Internet.

Bad Machinery. I never read the original Scary Go Round–I know, shame on me!–but Bad Machinery is a brilliant kid-detective supernatural horror story aimed at adults. I fear that the author has no idea how British he is. (He is very, very British.)

Wondermark. The incomparable Wondermark is the funny pages’ answer to the Cabinet of Curiosities: every update, a new strange and comical thing.

Dresden Codak Alternate Prehistory Fanfiction and more! The best thing. There are no better things.