Reviewing my initial draft of Water Phoenix King, it’s amazing how much has changed from conception (in 2008 or so) to the present. I wrote out a complete beat-by-beat summary for the whole comic, and then proceeded to deviate wildly from it starting around chapter 7. Corva was supposed to be a fairly minor character, a training-montage-mentor-figure for Anthem, but when Okidesha’s metaphysical role in the story expanded, I wanted a mouthpiece for the lava goddess, and turning Corva into her priestess made sense. Then she basically ate up a bunch of plots. Only Din Maia Hin (the dragon-woman in chapter 16) and the Kepteriad survived Corva’s voracious rampage across the subplots.

By contrast, several of the other characters got “out-leveled” by events in the story. Reshma and Arduna are just big guys with military training–they’re helplessly outclassed by god-eating alchemical blasphemies and the other stuff Maresh brewed up toward the end.