That’s some good armor.

To draw WPK, I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, which is slightly better than the MSPaint that shipped with my Windows 3.1 computer back when I was in junior high. I know CS2 is better because everything takes longer to save. The other day at work my girlfriend showed me–I think it was Illustrator–and demonstrated the real-time 3D perspective grid, and I almost grabbed her whole computer and ran out the door with it.

Note that in the first panel, if you look to the right, you would see the part of the inn I have almost never drawn, because it’s where all the tables and chairs and general “restaurant” space of the inn is located, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to draw 20 tables and maybe 50 chairs in perspective with a bunch of jury-rigged perspective tricks that crash Photoshop half the time I try to use them. Actually, I suppose all that stuff has been moved, on account of the Inn being the target of a siege. But still.