Me every day.

Okay, so: I am driving to Texas, from Massachusetts, to visit my girlfriend’s family. The good news is that I work 1-2 weeks ahead precisely for situations like this, so I shouldn’t miss too many updates. The bad news is that WordPress’ update-scheduling mechanism is jankier than a Flash-enabled Website circa 2003, so while I’m going to get my pages set up, I’m not sure they’ll show up. I’ll try to keep an eye on things and patch the site as I travel, but since I won’t have Photoshop…well, let’s hope I didn’t make any continuity errors!

Wish me luck in Texas. Oh, and in the places between Georgia and Texas! With my winning combination of Falling Down glasses, double-breasted cardigan, Royal Crown-slicked hair, and black shiny FBI shoes, I’m sure I’ll blend right in.