I ran a lot of tabletop RPGs in my time (gee, really?) and at every table there’s one player who simply cannot understand what is happening no matter how hard you try to explain it.

That person is Shreyas.

Refresher: Smay (in blue) is head of the Kepteriad (Vasgol’s organization of sorcerers, priests, alchemists, and occult hangers-on); Racannah (in green) is Vasgol’s high alchemist. We saw them first when they tried to have Varaxunax executed for demonology. He was guilty as shit but Anthem threatened to blow them up and they had to let him go. Then Racannah tried to stop Anthem from freeing the Chemical Titan but she did it anyway and sent Vasgol’s alchemical economy into a tailspin so severe people ended up overthrowing the chancellor–a perfectly nice guy–and replacing him with Maresh and Dosh.

When I say it that way, it almost sounds like a bad idea to let a seventeen-year-old girl and something called a “chaos angel” run roughshod over the metaphysical substructure of the universe.