For the past few weeks, the artist/gamer/porn star behind the Playing D&D with Porn Stars blog has been writing a fantastic series of articles on the history of fantastic art, which I cannot recommend strongly enough.

(The website is frequently NSFW; the art content really is not unless your boss has a problem with Renaissance boob.)

1. Art History For D&D People, Course Overview
2. Ancient Art Is Basically Monsters
3. Medieval Art: 1000 Years Of Bad Ideas
4. The Other Renaissance, or There Is No Ninja Turtle Named Claus Sluter
5. Secrets of an Eminently D&Dable Subcontinent
6. The World That Fit In Scheherezade’s Head
7. The Art of Europe in the Piratey Era
8. Eight Persimmons Beneath A Severed Arm
9. The Known Unknowns

Go look at cool pictures.