Helpful reminder: that statue is a demon. Restored, it could vie with Darumatha for Varaxunax’s soul. Destroyed, it means all of Vax’s soul goes to Darumatha.

One of the hardest parts about drawing a comic isn’t mastering the technical skills (though God knows I could use help there), but understanding the “feel” of different shapes. Any cartoonist can tell you to give an angry character downward-sloping eyebrows because it’s easier to draw them angry that way, but I only recently learned that! So Vish (who almost always looks worried and somewhat hapless–soft emotions) has a sharp, angular face, while Anthem (who is usually scowling) has round, cute features that take a lot of work to force into a scowl.

I’ve had a bit more success with Maresh, at least, making him increasingly blocky and rectilinear. Maresh manages to “look” upright–in his own mind, he’s a moral paragon, after all. The toggle-coat and broad shoulders help him look like a sort of walking ziggurat.