If I had prizes–like hardcopies of volume 1 or something–I’d totally give them out to the first person to name every bit of detritus in this cabin that we’ve seen before.

Extra bonus points because my art isn’t super-consistent. Actually, now that I’m obligated to consider myself an artist, rather than someone grudgingly illustrating his own stories, I’ve been paying more attention to other artists and I think I’m slightly more consistent than average. There are a few artists, most of whom also work in animation, who are just MONSTERS of consistency–they’re definitely drawing full mock-ups of each room beforehand. (By contrast, I draw little maps on pink Post-It Notes; probably a holdover from my tabletop RPG days.) But a lot of artists, oh MAN are they sloppy. I won’t name names, but I will wonder where the editors are, especially for Big Two comics. Shapechanging shirts, teleporting pockets, vanishing furniture–I’ve seen it all.