We met Racannah in the last issue. She and Varaxunax did not and do not get along.

I’m sometimes tempted to create a regular feature here on Water Phoenix King called This Week in Self-Loathing, where I show off some of the stuff I would draw if I had the talent and dedication. So today’s feature is David Aja, who has worked on Iron Fist and whose recent work on Hawkeye has demonstrated the flexibility and usefulness of the simple 3×3 grid I favor.

Look at this stuffHawkeye!

Also: great use of sharp colors to distinguish foreground and background and to make motions clear.

Also also: the writer, Matt Fraction, knows how to entertainMore Hawkeye.

Hopefully all the HTML works. For some reason ComicPress doesn’t have a Preview button. Ramblin’ Bob’s Good Ol’ Chat-n-Greet Forum, circa 2005, has a Preview button, but apparently not ComicPress, so I’m stuck hardcoding most of this stuff like I’m back in high school.