Another chapter concluded. I hope everyone is having fun!

As I review my script for Chapter 12, it jumps out at me how rarely I now use caption boxes. When creating my first webcomic, Broken Space, I decided I wouldn’t use them, and immediately regretted it, so I looked forward to deploying them in The Water Phoenix King. But they’ve dwindled until, in the latest scripts, they’re only place indicators. It’s probably for the best, as my art should be able to carry most of that stuff, and while running narration and panels in tandem can be interesting, it can also get a bit overwrought. (See: the beginning of WPK.)

Right now, all I can say is that when WPK wraps up, I am never drawing a 3×3 grid ever, ever again. Swear to God. It’s gonna be nothing but splash pages, jagged sunbursts full of different out-of-order panels, and stuff you need to print out and use 3D glasses on to understand. And I’m gonna use thought balloons and really cheesy sound effects, and no one’s gonna stop me. Yeah.