It’s sometimes hard to wrap my head around piety, which is obviously an important component in the world of The Water Phoenix King. Dosh’s (or Kawunei’s, or most other characters’) ability to convert an “it” into a “thou” seems alien to me even though, in a world with literal gods, it is sometimes entirely sensible and proper to do so. “Smashing an idol hurts a god” is a statement of fact within the WPK world, but a lifetime of religious indifference in real life and treating clerics as interchangeable healbots in role-playing games has blunted my ability to process piety as a legitimate motivation. It was eye-opening and humbling to read Artesia last year, a comic that features a priestess as a main character and that captures the intensity, surreality, and obsession of religious mania in a way that Anthem, with her analytical, sorcerer-like approach to religion (ritual goes in, magic power comes out) just doesn’t reflect.