An outdated, upside-down Ulenite airship suspended by vines over a ravine was about as difficult to draw as I thought it was going to be. I’m not entirely satisfied with the result, but I didn’t flip my desk in a rage while trying to draw it, so that’s pretty good.

One thing I’ve tried to work on in this issue is, I guess, “branding.” This is something I should have thought harder about when first starting WPK, but I’m still not a very visual thinker, so remembering to add symbols for different groups–the inn’s silver leaf, the slaving triskelion, the cruciform symbol on Vish’s staff and Anthem’s tabard–requires constant attention. I just finished the latest Zelda game and, despite the weaknesses of Skyward Sword‘s visual design, characters are exceptionally well-branded by repeated symbols, motifs, and designs. It’s something I want to focus on.