There’s been some suggestion in the webcomics community about getting rid of the term “webcomics.” After all, almost everything is on the “web” nowadays, comics included, and the term is starting to seem redundant or even a little dated, like how people in the 50s stuck “electro-” in front of everything. But there’s one good reason to keep the term “webcomics” for a while yet: positive branding. Webcomics are on their way up. They’re associated with young, energetic trademarks like Penny Arcade and Girl Genius. Comics by contrast are associated with two things: 1) the fast-dying newspaper strips, which have been a laughingstock since the nineties and which are tethered to a doomed industry, and 2) the insular and distasteful world of the superhero floppies, which are increasingly regarded as the province of middle-aged male collectors with deeply troubling attitudes toward women.

Purely from a branding standpoint, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to dropping “web” just yet.