So this page turned out pretty-okay.

Oh, I have a cool thing for you. It’s this guy doing The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Amazing, detailed inkwork, and he’s already posted some stories like this one.

Seriously, this is some stunning inkwork. One of the things I’ve learned after even a few years of drawing is that good inking is more than just copying an object’s outline. Skilled inkwork distinguishes among different materials–wood, ivory, stone, metal–with a few flourishes of the pen, without having to resort to heavy-handed Photoshop manipulation and patterns. It’s an extraordinary skill (one I certainly haven’t mastered), and one that’s appreciated less and less as major comic books increasingly rely on heavy-handed coloring techniques. And it’s a hard skill to master, since (in my experience at least) there’s a lot of trial and error involved. How do you ink a metal control panel that looks different from a granite floor? I have no idea, so I end up fiddling around hoping to get lucky, or flipping through books filled with good inking and hoping to hit upon something I can try to mimic. It’s a laborious and finicky process that exercises a different part of the brain from basic perspective and anatomy.