For those of you hazy on who all these damn races are, we’ve only seen a few maklaks. Once near the beginning of the comic, and once when the inn starts to get weird and crowded (bottom-left in both cases).

Urume the Artificer from the last issue was a maklak before he rendered himself down. The little critters serving him, and for whom he developed a Science, are maheti. (A cleverer writer would not have chosen two race names that start with “m,” nor would he have chosen names like Arduna, Jarjuna, and Arcoan and used them all on one page.)

The only animal-to-human shifter we’ve seen previously is Princess Ismene, who definitely outclasses that…what is that? Like, a yellow duck that’s not wearing pants? Yeah, Ismene is way cooler than a yellow duck that’s not wearing pants.