I’m pretty sure that giving dialogue to minor characters (like Reshma and Gheen) is breaking some vitally important cardinal rule of storytelling.

Also, since you have been such a fantastic audience, please enjoy some Ivan Bilibin, who is one of my foremost artistic inspirations (which would mean more if I could draw better, but still, there it is).

Who does that look like?

Notice how good Bilibin is with trees. Since I live in a forest, I should work on improving my tree skills.

I love the clothing patterns here. This looks like something Moebius would draw.

If only I could make my villains look half this great.

I sort of tried to get Dosh to “wear” this painting, though he wears red, blue, and green, not red, blue, and yellow.

Another picture with the same handful of colors; also, the approach to Padri in the last issue was meant to resemble the landscape here.

A knight in blue. Look at that nifty bow-holding thingy.

Am I crazy, or does his black and white stuff look EXACTLY like very old (we’re talking 1970s) Dungeons & Dragons? Maybe it’s just the paper.

So that’s a quick tour of Ivan Bilibin, an amazing artist.