Whoa, that’s cold.

Sorry for the delay–forgot to post the update, and the auto-updater has been acting up.

I’d also like to apologize for my total lack of talent with special effects. The Boreal Scepter is supposed to have four major effects corresponding to each figure on the tetramorph–the Fish (the flesh-liquidizing effect; how the Blue Knight died), the Eagle (a shattering, sonic blast–what you see here, and how Maresh broke the Blue Knight’s shield), the Ant (a petrifying effect–used on Vish several issues ago), and the Man (an as-yet-unspecified effect). But it’s amusing, actually, how tricky it is to produce consistent “FX” for different powers. I’m pretty good with Vish’s magic (I’ve memorized the color and brush I prefer to use) and min-tin teleportation (I just pull the layer-FX from previous pages), but I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the effects of the Boreal Scepter.

So that’s your behind-the-scenes fretting for today.