So those background colors got away from me a little bit. This is what happens when I experiment.

Setting stuff: there’s a lot of low-key “magic” in Chalt that’s not properly theurgy (the stuff Anthem does), sorcery (the stuff Varaxunax or those Southland assassins do), or the various racial technologies (Ulenite min-tin, wyrdish electricity, etc.). Among them are the flower-arts practiced by certain lineages. The ability of artfully-arranged flowers to turn aside demons and pleromas may be no more magic than the ability of armed guards to turn aside robbers, but except to the wisest of Chalt’s inhabitants, it’s not exactly clear how things work.

Oh, also! New good webcomic, Delilah Dirk! Beautifully drawn, and the creator is a pro. And apparently he’s drawn it all already, which means that unlike all the other beautiful webcomics that languish after a few months (I am, of course, too polite to name names), this one might actually offer a satisfying story arc.