1. Those floral arrangements above doors and windows are enough to keep out most minor bogeys and eidolons—they’re great for all the craziness Anthem attracts with her magic, unless they happen to materialize inside the room—but they won’t even slow down a proper god. Even Mixabokes’ arrival caused them to wither and blacken back in Chapter 3. Vish, whose purpose in life is the transgression of boundaries (and the maintenance of the laws of hospitality; amazing he’s not more neurotic than he is) rips through magic barriers almost by accident.

2. Constant threat of death aside, it must be nice to live in a world that actually reflects your sense of teenaged melodrama.

3. It was fun, if hard, to draw Anthem’s whole room. The only thing you don’t see on this page is her new desk and the steamer trunk beside the wardrobe.