It’s really hard coming up with all these different types of ears! Heh, actually, this page (and the next one, which I’m drawing as I type this) have been a little high-stress, since our blue friend here will feature prominently in coming issues, so I’ve been trying to get her right. The original look is based on a throwaway character in Moore’s Promethea (drawn by J. H. Williams III), but designing the hair was tricky. Too long and formal and it looked like Ismene’s; too short and tousled and it looked like Corva’s. I think I’ve found a nice hairstyle now (you’ll see it once Arcoan picks the woods out of her mane), though it looks a bit like Cleopatra from Cleopatra in Spaace.

Y’know, funny thing I’ve noticed about drawing: there’s a lot of counting involved. Anthem’s leather armor has seven rivets on each limb-segment. Her cuirass has eight bands. Her pauldrons are divided into three scallops; the top scallop has five rivets while the bottom two each have three rivets. I’m not as consistent as I ought to be, but nonetheless I’m carrying around all these weird little numbers in my head.