I’m so bad with light sources. That’s something I should really pay attention to in the future. Maybe one day I’ll even get to the point where “night” is something beyond a black layer at 20-50% opacity dropped over the color layer. (Once or twice I’ve tried desaturation, but that’s really hard and it can be inconvenient later, when I’m trying to figure out what color something “really” is.)

So, um…that’s another chapter! Hurray! I can’t say this was the best-organized chapter I’ve ever scripted. Especially compared to Temple of the Comet, it suffered from too simplistic a structure (first half buildup, second half action) and lots of Names and Places all moving around very quickly. However, I think my art took a noticeable leap forward from, um, around halfway through Chapter 4 to now. Faces have gotten better, I’ve found more stuff to do with hands, and I’m getting better at leading your eyeballs, trusty reader. At least I hope.

Next issue: Duels! Magic feathers! Divine intervention! See you there.