One thing I’ve tried to imply without it becoming obnoxious is that the characters in WPK do not speak English. Vasyar is the most common language around the inn, even spoken by Hadrakahns and northern Yigs since, despite Vasgol’s reputation as a war-torn bandit-filled shithole, it’s also a trading nexus. Unlike modern English, Vasyar has a t-v distinction as well as a robust vocative (hence the Attic Greek-style of addressing potentates, “O Prince”–here used sarcastically by Darumatha). It also features a complicated system of honorifics that have started to atrophy with the rise of the electors but that are still much more prominent and complicated than in English. This explains Vish’s constant (and somewhat stodgy) use of “Mister Arduna” (because he a landlord) and “Miss Anthem” (because her family, the Fentescus, are traditional Hadrakahn land-holders in Padri), though he refers to Varaxunax without a title (like in ancient Greece, sorcery, unlike theurgy, is an inherently lower-class endeavor, tinged with a kind of inherent “falseness” even if real sorcerers wield real power). Vish drifts back and forth with Kawunei, given the yig’s precarious state, though he says “Lord Dosh,” which is excessively generous, as Dosh is just a hidalgo from a cadet branch of a minor Hadrakahn baronial family.

Also, please observe the very nice serpentine flow of word balloons on this page. It’s a wordy page, but I’m happy with how it’s laid out. And Panel 5 turned out unusually well, though I’m not too thrilled with the architecture otherwise. Damn chairs.