Happy birthday to me! I have now been drawing for five years. I haven’t gotten much better, but it’s been fun.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who kicked a few dollars my way. This poor old computer should see a replacement soon, and the donations have helped.

Y’know, these talkie scenes are terrible for getting new readers. I try to get away from the talking heads as much as possible, provided I can keep it clear who’s talking, because the successful webcomic designers are right: every page could be someone’s first page, so every page should be interesting. There’s a noticeable spike in new readers when I’m drawing chase, fight, or “weird thing” scenes. (Hello to all of you who arrived in the second half of the last chapter!) The chatty pages are comparatively flat, but not every piece of exposition can (or should) be delivered like the first Terminator movie, with Reese yelling about killer robots from the future while they drive frantically away from said killer robot after a shotgun battle.