First: my computer is dying. Seriously. Transplants will no longer help it. Nor will prayers to Glycon, terrible snake-god of Aboniteichos. It’s getting to the point where my work is slowing down. If you have a few bucks to spare, and you’ve enjoyed The Water Phoenix King so far, click the donate button on this page and kick a few dollars my way. I could use some help. Also, no one’s ever donated and I’m curious if the button works.

Second: Happle Tea is a really funny comic about mythology. If you like the WPK’s mystic weirdness, but want more Yeti jokes, try Happle Tea.

Third: This page took less time to draw than I feared. Vaguely from left to right, you can see a maklak, two cat-faced fire dancers in protective glass domes, some some more familiar races (humans, yigs, a wyrd), a becca (male, from the bright colors), a cheim su (somehow able to survive the relative cold of Vasgol), a qabbori mercenary, and some Ulenite merchants on min-tin thrones. A zican snake hunts an infestation of lunar midges, while a Nagamahn pet intrigues Lt. Poggle and several mercenaries and students.