We are in the middle of an oppressive heat wave here and I am working late into the night because mid-day lassitude prevents me from drawing, at least with any of the meager skill I have accumulated over the years.

My miserable state is unfortunate, since really exciting things are going on. We’re getting a blast of Yig culture and a lot about Vish, whose authority has grown at the price of his subtlety. Only Hokta Threng, the blue-skinned Yig who is currently directing his belligerence toward Momba Kawunei, the fellow with the glasses, does not see Vish–Kawunei is not reacting to “superstition” but to a very obvious god. This, incidentally, is an unusual state of affairs, whether in Vasgol or Yig. Most gods would never do this, and we can partially see why: Sergeant Deemo would never mouth off to an armed and dangerous Yig without a god hovering between them.

I have some tricky “special effects”-related art coming up for the next page–Kawunei’s Three Element Sword–so I’m going to get some sleep and hopefully it’ll be less than 95° out tomorrow so I can draw without my brain melting.