Finally got Momba Kawunei in there. He actually looks younger than I thought he would, but his outfit is fun to draw and not too onerous, despite its complexity.

It was fun to draw the Yiggish warrior-servants in their identical uniforms. The bison guards always deliberately varied a bit, despite the consistency of their bison tabards and spikes-and-spaulder shoulder covering, as if they had to buy most of their gear on their own (which they do). The warrior-servants by contrast are bought, paid for, and liveried by people who care about consistency in their minions.

Also, February, huh? It’s the middle of summer right now and the monotonous gray of Vasgol in the dead of winter makes me feel cold. One of the advantages of living in New England is that I know how to make things look frozen and ugly. Can’t draw much else, but “frozen and ugly” I can manage.

Wish I could get Vish to, er, quiver, a bit more in the last panel. He should be perked up like a startled meerkat.