First, hello to everyone who came over from Sunset Grill. It’s great to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the comic.

A few of you have, oddly, mentioned that you like my art. In an attempt to pay it forward, here are some other long-form webcomics, all with better art than mine:

Cealdian, a Celtic tale with political overtones based on dynastic succession
Garanos, a swordfight-full fantasy adventure
Dark Places, a really stylish D&D-style story
Ironborn, a technomagical story that reminds me of Final Fantasy 6

Anyway, this is another one of these weird not-quite-in-character recollection pages. I don’t just do this because I watched too much anime in junior high, mind you. I find that even with webcomics I like, I sometimes lose track of what the hell is going on. And I’m a tolerably clever person. I figure that at least once in a while, I’ll stop to make sure everyone who has been following the comic is, you know, actually following the comic.