Wow, so, another chapter done. It’s interesting to see what little changes have crept into the story as I’ve told it. One of the tough parts about writing a comic that–let’s face it–isn’t very popular is the eerie lack of feedback. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you go back to the early Dilbert comics, for example, you’ll find all sorts of far-out stuff reminiscent of Goats, while the modern comic is strictly focused on workplace humor. While Scott Adams got feedback that allowed him to become the success he is today, it also removed the freewheeling nature of the comic and replaced it with a very focused product. I sometimes wonder if there is a focused (and salable) “product” hidden within WPK, but part of me is glad no one will find it for me.

Generally happy with this page, except the faces aren’t quite ideal. I need to work on my expressions.