That’s right! Meat!

While I like the flow of this page, it really made me think about the limitations of my architectural abilities. I’ve been reading Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, and while the art there isn’t mind-blowing (at least compared to the plots), the artist has a keen eye for architecture. The rooms in “The Butterfly Collector,” in particular, are excellent, a touch of the macabre mingled with the sober competence required to throw weirdness into proper relief.

To improve my room-drawing, I’ve realized that I need not only a better grasp of perspective, but also a keener eye toward the everyday things in life. What clutters up a stonemason’s workshop?–For, clearly, that’s what Kebra is, despite his sorcerous proclivities. I tried to bring his workspace to life with a bit of casual clutter, the artifacts of his trade–the chisels, the clay reference models for future products, the bandages wrapped around his exhausted hands–but I still have a long way to go before I can produce a real sense of place.