So I kinda botched the perspective in panel 2, but otherwise, I like the look of the shrine, and the little Okidesha idol is fun to draw.

For the curious, “Father Zozu” is Xoxumoshtli the Thrice-Looking champion in his form as Dog-King of the Valorous Dead–a popular god among Vasgollan soldiers.

Xoxumoshtli’s being in his cthonic-dog form is why he’s on the second row of the shrine; it’s the “underworld.” The Lady Shalnibar idol (the naked woman with the wolf’s head) should probably also be down with the infernal gods, but she’s also a goddess of sex, and thus relevant to an inn with a few working girls. Since Ailari also covers sex and seduction (with rather less savagery than Shalnibar), Vish could presumably insist on a demotion for the wolf-woman idol, but he hasn’t for numerous reasons related to celestial politics that–since we are dealing with a bunch of painted idols here, the sole exception being Vish, who is a slightly higher order of being “slumming it” in a shrine–are not relevant to our story.

And there you have it.