Whoa, whoa, settle down, angry man in the little jacket.

Anyway, I won’t lie to you, my kind readers: this page kicked my ass up and down, side to side. It took three and a half days (most pages take two, at most), despite having only one significantly complicated panel. Worse, it’s full of examples of hidden and concealed work, errors covered by word balloons, and other compositional problems that even good illustrators should be yelled at for. (I usually don’t blur out backgrounds when they look good, in case you’re curious.)

Nonetheless there are a few things I got right. Anthem looks great in the second panel (even her hand gesture, while not quite perfect, turned out okay), and her animated despondency in the subsequent panels was fun to draw and conveys (I hope) her frantic, somewhat unstable personality. Reshma twirling the sausage links (a demonstration of Turvin the Ulenite’s fighting prowess) looks good, though one might not immediately think “that man is twirling sausages.” And I like the bartender’s outfit and the costume of the miscellaneous merchant in panel 2. So, not a total loss, but I think this page took more out of me than I was able to give back.

Well, there’s always the next page.