I’ve played so much Dungeons & Dragons it drives me crazy to see everyone in such a disorganized marching-order. Come on, people: fighters in front and back, ranger on point, casters in the middle. Nonetheless I like the “action shots” in those last two panels; I think the best comics have a gift for creating small but telling bits of action among the characters in group scenes, and I want to practice that.

I used a slightly more relaxed character style for this page, rather than mapping everything out. While it makes for more natural stances, the faces start to all look the same, which isn’t good. There’s this middle ground between appealing and varied faces that I have yet to find.

I’m also working on scale and perspective. One of the–not problems, but funny things–with that is realizing exactly how puny Anthem is. It’s easy to say that someone is four-foot-nine, but then realizing that Dosh (a healthy but not huge guy) is literally twice her size is kinda weird.

And the word you’re looking for, Dosh, is “usurp.”