I’ll call this page a partial success. Anthem looks good, especially in panel 6. A share in the library means that she has enough money for an agate necklace and at least two dresses (this one and the bombazine black); Anthem’s fashion sense is distinctly more feminine than I thought it would be, originally. However, I’m still not sure about Maresh’s outfit. While his weapon is (well, will be) distinctive, I can’t tell if his outfit looks like like a rain slicker or not. I am no Moebius, and trying to copy Giraud’s radiant primary colors is beyond me.

I hope we get to see more of Nammathar’s madhouse. That panel is an homage to a scene in Watchmen; ever since I toured Old Newgate prison as a little kid I’ve been fascinated by prison architecture.

No, I don’t know why that squirrel has vestigial wings. But I suspect they all do.