In the ruins of a dead god’s empire, an ancient inn awaits new heroes…

The Water Phoenix King is an epic fantasy adventure in a wounded world. Ten years after the destruction of the brutal despot-god Yamra (The Water Phoenix King), the nation of Vasgol faces invasion and conquest, civil war, and the death of the land itself.

Emerging from the wreckage of the last war, Vish, a rebel spirit, works to reverse the damage caused by Lord Yamra. At a roadside inn, temporary home to adventurers and vagabonds, he forges an alliance with Anthem, a girl whose feeble attempts at sorcery summoned an evil thing into the world, and Gilgam, an inhuman soldier trapped in Vasgol after war’s end. But others work to perpetuate Yamra’s legacy, among them Barabbon, Yamra’s disgraced general, and Maresh, once Anthem’s friend, made twisted and hateful by his brush with the supernatural.

Soon the forces of stasis and restoration will meet in a battle that will shape Vasgol forever–or see its destruction or utter subjugation.


Kyle Marquis is a comic book author and illustrator, a novelist, and a role-playing game designer. His previous works include the science-fantasy webcomic Broken Space, and Genius: The Transgression, a game of mad science in the World of Darkness. His degree in philosophy precludes him from even the menial employment enjoyed by English majors. He lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, with his girlfriend (who actually makes money from her creative ventures), three semi-functional computers, and many overloaded bookshelves that groan like pregnant sows under the weight of fantasy fiction.